Project results will be disseminated to the entire educational community, both in partner institutions and to others who could provide an example in the teaching-learning process. A dissemination plan will be developed identifying dissemination activities, channels, responsible persons and a schedule. Each partner school’s project coordinator will be responsible for sharing project results along with materials. 

Internal groups of dissemination activities include: 

  • Individuals supporting learning and teaching (teachers, tutors, consultants, curriculum developers) 
  • Learners (registered students, potential applicants and alumni) 
  • Support staff responsible for sharing information internally and externally (marketing team, administrators) 

External groups of dissemination activities include: 

  • Educational institutions/organisations including public and private 
  • Public authorities and policy makers (local authorities, governmental Departments) 
  • Communities related to the topics of the project such as coding and teaching 
  • Learners – primary, secondary school and college students and life-long learners

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