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The Academy for International Science and Research (AISR Learning) is the winner of the Best Private College in UK 2019 Award. It offers the highest standards in professional and vocational training and higher education – from entry level to postgraduate level across seven faculties including Science, Teaching, Marketing, Business, Hospitality, IT, Health and Social Care and Photography . It is a local, national and international education service provider with global ambition to extend its education offers to developing countries across the world through affiliated colleges and study centres.

AISR Learning is a private B-STEM (Business in STEM) Academy, the first of its kind in Ireland. Its main campus is located in the beautiful Londonderry, Northern Ireland, UK and we also have a satellite campus in Letterkenny, Republic of Ireland. We also offer various Study Abroad Packages to help students develop their leadership and entrepreneurial skills, improve their language skills, Continues Professional Development (CPD) and CLIL for teachers. We have partnerships and affiliations both locally and internationally. Some of our current partners include:

  • State Government of Manipur,
  • Management and Science University Malaysia,
  • Logos University
  • Bangkok school of management
  • Ulster University


AISR Learning has become the constituent college of Manipur International University and will deliver its courses in conjunction with the university.

The Academy works with local primary and secondary schools to deliver coding robotics workshops.

AISR is:

  • An Open College Network NI Centre (OCN NI) which is a UK Regulated Awarding Organisation.
  • An Open College Network London centre which is a UK Regulated Awarding Organisation.
  • An ASIQUAL centre, which is a UK Regulated Awarding Organisation.
  • accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC)
  • ISO 9001 : 2015 certified
  • the only authorised training centre for Saint Monica University in the UK
  • EDEN member ( European Distance and E-Learning Network)
  • member of the Association of Science Education (ASE)
  • member of the Skills for Life Network


AISR Learning
Dr Terry McIvor

Learnmera / Finland

Learnmera Oy is a private language education and translation provider in the greater Helsinki area, which provides business language lessons, translations, and proofreading services. Courses are offered in the major Nordic and European languages, as well as beginners’ courses in English, Finnish, Swedish, French, German and Russian. Learnmera Oy has considerable experience in educational resource creation, website creation, and app content building as well as online vocational courses. Their free published language learning and cultural material online have had hundreds of thousands of downloads to this day. Learnmera Oy has been active within different European projects since 2008.

In addition to the above-mentioned services, Learnmera also provides IT services especially directed towards corporate clients and institutions that want to improve their customer interfaces and social media presence.

A list of projects Learnmera has previously worked on can be found here.
Veronica Gelfgren
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Colegiul Național de Informatică Tudor Vianu ( CNITV) – Tudor Vianu National High school of Computer Science

Tudor Vianu National High School of Computer Science is a highly competitive centre of learning. The school has an average of 1300 students per annum including secondary school (11-14 years old) and high school (15-18 years old) students. The school offers 9 classes for each of its high school years and 6 classes for each of its secondary school years. The school has around 75 teachers, who provide high quality education, hence the school is consistently ranked as one of the best schools in Bucharest and also within Romania. This rank is based on students’:

• admissions examination results
• final examination results (baccalaureate)
• the impressive number of awards, prizes and certifications won by students every year in a variety of competitions at local, national and international level.

Homogeneous grouping is used to help students in the classroom to obtain the desired academic achievement. The school’s selection system requires students (at both secondary and high school level) to undergo rigorous examination. The majority of the students come from middle- and high-socioeconomic backgrounds, however, the government reserves places for students from low-socioeconomic background.

The high school has specialist laboratories including chemistry, biology, physics, geography and foreign languages. As a centre of excellence for computing, the school has a number of well-equipped IT laboratories. Many of our graduates opt to study abroad and accepted to prestigious European and American universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Princeton and Harvard.


Özel Elit Grup Ortaokulu is a middle school located in Inegöl, which is a town in the north-west of Turkey. The school has approximately 240 pupils aged between 7 and 14 years and they come from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Inegöl is known for its manufacturing and fruit production industry.

Due to the recession and because of the economic inadequacies the manufacturing industry has been depleted over time, which has resulted in economic hardship and has increased poverty rates within the town. In recent years, Inegöl’s population has increased due to the influx of migrants from Syria and other smaller Turkish cities. However, these students have integrated into the school well, as attention to diversity is one of the most important priorities of the school.

The aims of the school:
• teaching children to be respectful,
• the promotion of children’s self-esteem,
• the stimulation of creativity,
• creating a relaxed atmosphere at school, where communication between parents and staff is very positive.

Traditional culture in our pedagogical process is very important too, including national and regional culture, and also foreign cultures, especially English. Cultural activities are enriching, they:
• motivate our students,
• lead them to learn a lot of different aspects of culture in a meaningful way,
• teach students to become more respectful.

Due to cultural diversity being high on the school’s agenda, international cooperation is a valuable instrument in order to bring other cultures into our school, to include our pupils in such activities, which are fun and enriching!

The Elit Grup Okullari pays a lot of attention to Drama, because it is a valuable form of literature and teaching.  Drama is one of the most effective ways to develop soft skills and emotional intelligence in children and young people, skills that are often not developed through the traditional education system. Drama promotes communication skills, teamwork, dialogue, negotiation and socialization. It stimulates pupils’ imagination and creativity and develops a better understanding of human behaviour and empathy with situations that might seem distant.

The school is trying to implement new educational methodologies, such as project based learning, CLIL, collaborative work etc. and hence, it has been working on developing international relationships with other schools to share experiences, to motivate the students and to improve their skills in different areas.
The teaching methodologies are gradually evolving from the most traditional teaching methods to more project based methodologies and task-based learning.